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Bobcat Excavation Services

We have a wide range of bobcat / skid steer equipment and small and mid size excavators. We offer quick top notch services at very affordable prices. Please see our price list for hourly rates for our bobcat and other excavation equipment. 

Skid Steer Services For Calgary

We own and operate a modern and well-maintained fleet of bobcats that we employ to perform landscaping work throughout Calgary. We are typically contracted for medium-sized landscaping projects, which include can include demolition and removal of old concrete driveways, patios, and walkways.


Bobcat Grading Services Calgary

When changing the existing grade to accommodate a new landscaping component, bobcat grading may be required. Bobcat grading enables you to create gently sloped areas that complement your landscaping. Additionally, you can employ bobcat grading to renovate a portion of your land.
We offer bobcat grading expertise to assist you in designing your landscaping and other property elements to meet your specific demands. We maintain bobcat grading equipment and attachments that enable us to undertake jobs of any scale using bobcat grading.

Bobcat Concrete Demolition Services

Bobcats are a great piece of equipment for concrete demolition. The bobcat cat break up concrete pads, steps walls or whatever the job, and then load it into a trailer or dump truck. The skid steer really shines in back yards when it is impossible for an excavator to both break concrete and then load the concrete cost effectively.
Skid steers are also great after the demolition is broken and hauled away for then moving materials around the job site and regrading the area in question.

Mini Skid Steers

Mini Track Loaders

 Full size skid steers often times do not fit in most back yards with finished landscaping with gates and fences. Mini skid steer loaders are the perfect machine for these situations. Mini skid steer loaders are narrow, around 39 inches wide on average. They are tracked, so they make much less rutts than then wheeled machines. They are shorter than a typical bobcat so are more maneuverable in tight areas. Mini bobcats also are quick, so if you are thinking the work has to be done of a shovel and wheel barrow, think again.

Excavation Equipment

Compact Excavation Services

Along with skid steer and bobcat equipment, we offer a variety of excavation machines to meet your excavation needs. We have excavators ranging in width from 28″ to over 6.5 feet. This excavator combines well with our skid steers, allowing us to combine the pieces of excavation equipment you require for efficiency. All of our excavators are equipped with breaker attachments, which enables us to complete any type of excavation or demolition job quickly and precisely. Again, when you are efficient and use the proper equipment for the job, you will always save money as a customer.

Bobcat Services We Provide

Gravel Driveways

If you have a long driveway and paving it or pouring concrete is not in the budget then we can grade your new gravel driveway. We can first shoot in all elevations, make sure drainage works, create an appealing design then grade the subbase. The driveway gravel can the be applied. We can also prep for asphalt or concrete and can pour concrete as well. 

Sod Preparation

Getting a level, flat, smooth base for sod is important. We have the the equipment and experience to give you a great loam subbase to sod. Our suppliers provide top quality soil perfect for a healthy green lawn. Need the sodding completed as well ? No problem we can take care of that too. Give us a call. 

Rough Grading

When building a new house or renovating an existing there is alot of earth work to be completed. We have the equipment to take care of the excavation and rough grading for your project. Need earth moved, leveled and properly graded give us a call today. 

Soil Removal

If you have already excavated and area and just need soil removed we can take care of that as well. We have bobcats as narrow as 39″ to full size machines. We can equipment to haul the excess soils away as well. We recycle all materials so it is important to make sure soil is in a soil pile and garbage is in a garbage pile. By separating soil and garbage it is not only good for the environment, it will save you money too. 

Drainage Systems

If you need weeping tile installed, a French drain, a sump, a dry well or any of drain system we can install it for you. We have over 25 years experience dealing with drainage and we can come up with a solution for your drainage problems. 

Commercial Snow Removal

We do offer commercial snow services and having a selection of skid steers available in winter months and utilized for our commercial snow removal clients is perfect. Bobcats are ideal for use in smaller lots and for digging out corners in larger yards for our bigger snow pushers to pile at the designated areas. 

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