Hourly Rate for Skid Steer Work

Calgary Bobcat and Excavation Hourly Rates

Excavation costs are sometimes the first or second enquiry we get. We bid on services on a job-by-job or hourly basis and are happy to provide you with a set price. However, if you’re interested in learning more about our extremely competitive hourly rates, please read Our Excavator Rates, Bobcat Rates, and Related Rates Below

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$ 105 Hourly
  • 17G JD
  • Bobcat E10
  • 28" - 39" Width
  • up to 7ft depth


$ 115 Hourly
  • 26-30G JD
  • Bobcat E26
  • 58" - 62" width
  • up to 9ft depth


$ 125 Hourly
  • 35G-50G JD
  • Bobcat E32
  • 69" -79" width
  • up to 11ft depth

Rates are based on 4-hour minimums; more information is provided below.

Mini Track Loader

$ 95 Hourly
  • Bobcat MT55-100
  • 39" Width
  • 10 cubic feet

Articulated Loader

$ 95 Hourly
  • L28 Bobcat
  • 47" Width
  • 12 cubic feet

Skid Steer Loaders

$ 100 Hourly
  • JD 320G
  • JD 330G +$10
  • 72" to 84" Width

Credit Card Accepted

Calgary Small Equipment and Labour Rates

The following is a list of our most often requested various excavation-related charges. For addition services and rates please contact us.  

Track Dump

$ 80 Hourly
  • Wacker DT10
  • 16 Cubic Feet
  • 33" Wide

Labour Rate

$ 50 Hourly
  • hand tools included
  • breakers additional
  • ** Not Standby Time


$ 55 Hourly
  • Includes labor
  • Plate Compactor
  • 120lb - 220lb
  • 500lb+($20Hr)

Our hourly rates are based on a minimum task duration of four hours, which includes one hour for travel and another for loading and securing equipment along each route, for a total of two hours of excavation. Additionally, the hourly rate is based on excavation projects that require less than 40 hours; larger excavation projects may qualify for an additional discount. Additionally, rates are contingent upon payment by check, electronic transfer, or credit card upon completion of the excavation.